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Children can begin showing symptoms of asthma and wheezing before age 1.

Why Participate in a Clinical Study?

There is a good reason.

First, it is important to know that there is no guarantee that your child will benefit from participating.

Your child's participation in the ORBEX Clinical Trial may help children in the future live healthier lives. Through this clinical trial, we will learn more about using Broncho-Vaxom to prevent wheezing and asthma-like symptoms in toddlers who may be at risk for developing asthma. This could potentially have a very big and lasting impact on the health of children nationwide.

But why not just have adults with asthma participate? There are two reasons, the first being that one of the goals of the ORBEX Clinical Trial is to see if the use of Broncho-Vaxom can prevent the occurrence of early wheezing and in doing so, reduce asthma later in life. Since asthma is a chronic disease and typically manifests during childhood, testing the potential preventive effect of Broncho-Vaxom must occur when a person is a child.

Secondly, clinical studies with child participants are extremely important to the health of all children. According to the National Health, Lung, and Blood Institute, many doctors often have to use treatments based on what is known to work in adults. This is because not all medications are tested in both adults and children. Research studies that specifically study medication use in children can help doctors by providing more precise information on the best medication dosage for kids.

So what clinical trials that include child participants do is produce better findings that increase pediatric safety, such as dosing, whether or not a drug is effective for children, or new data that wasn’t known before.

By participating in this clinical trial, you or your child:

May have more information about your child’s health and development; and

May help future generations.